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Welding Consultancy

SV Tech has the technical ability to provide WPS Development to ASME, AWS, EN288, and API 1104. This saves valuable time and resources when you are able to develop the WPS, then qualify the PQR, and test your welders all under the same roof.

Welding Procedure Specifications - WPS
• A WPS is a written (qualified) welding procedure prepared to provide direction for the making of production welds
• The completed WPS shall describe all of the essential, nonessential, and, when required, supplementary essential variables

Procedure Qualification Record - PQR
• A PQR is a record of welding data used to weld a test coupon
• It is a record of actual variables recorded during the welding of the test coupons

Welder Qualification
• Welder certification, (also known as welder qualification) is a process which examines and documents a welder’s capability to create welds of acceptable quality following a well-defined welding procedure.
• Welder qualification is limited by essential variables given for each process